What We Do

L & S Schofield machine timber to your specifications, mostly for the furniture trade but if there is something you want and can not get it anywhere else we can usually make it for you.

We don’t hold any stock of machined timber, we make everything to order but we have a good relationship with our timber suppliers so we can be sourced fairly quickly – and most people seem to want things asap!

Our speciality is dowel pins and dowels in all sizes, the dowel pins are mainly beech or birch but other timbers are available.

The dowels are made in many different timbers and sizes ranging from curtain poles to broom handles to very fine dowels depending on what they are for – usually it’s a case of ‘you want it – we make it!”

Some of the products we make are:

Headboard struts     Curtain Poles     Reeded Poles     Barge/boat poles     Clothes Pole     Pulley Laths     Pine Props     Draught Excluders     Flagsticks     Props     Broom Handles     Glue Sticks     Wooden Crosses     Grave Markers     Ash Staves     Arrow Shafts     Dowel Rod     Wooden Rungs     Cushion Rails     Quadrant Pillister     Boarding     Skirting     Beech Lipping     Architrave     Hanging Rail     Capping     Corner Bead     Handrail     Cornice     PAR     Profiles     Pelmet     Toggles     Flag Bases     Moulded timber for rubber stamps     Hardwood Bead     Mallets     Tent Runners     Idle Rollers     Spile Pins     Bobbins     Rake Spindle     Japanese fighting sticks    Windbreak poles

The multi-grooved dowel pin sizes we make are:

5mm     6mm     8mm     3/8″     10mm     12mm     16mm

We can make the dowels any length to suit ranging from 25mm – 125mm